TurtleMark Productions

TurtleMark Productions came into thought in 1990 when I started doing my own birthday cards, Christmas cards and cards for any other occasions for myself and family members.  I thought I needed a logo and TurtleMark Productions was formed. It was Copyrighted in 1994.
 Since then I have gone on to do custom cards for other people, for all occasions.  I also do portrait drawings of Children, Animals, relatives, and flowers etc.... Though my first love, and main subjects are still animal’s,  I do enjoy drawing anything and everything.

 About Me

I'm 42 years old and have been drawing since I can remember. I'm married with one child (a boy). I live in  MO in a small town north East of Kansas City.
I have 2- dogs, 2- cats, 1-horse and 3 fish. As you can see I have a zoo and I love all animals. Animals are like my children.

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